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wordblot is a platform whose mission is to connect all writers to their readers in the context of a plot. We understand that you're writing an amazing book/blog/jokes/scene of your movie or anything but need the world to know about it. Our platform provides you with a plot, which is limited number of characters in description about what you want to write about. A plot can be viewed as a blurb, abstract snippet to your complete story in the making. Readers and other writers can comment on your plot/story which can be a feedback for you, to write your story even better or a token of motivation to keep up the good work because lets face it, we all need that to accomplish our goals. Anyone can share your plot/story on any platform that is out there. There's a lot more that you can do, once you are onboard with us.

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you are the blood of the community. You will give writers the reason to write. You can skim through different plots and follow the ones that you like or better yet follow the author who wrote those plots so that you don't miss out any. You can share any content on the platform with your friends. May be, you can inspire the writer in you too.

Reader, Writer ,Blogger, whoever you want to be, you can be, on wordblot.

A plot is that idea you've had in your mind for a while now. It can be a start to a story, a plan of your upcoming novel/non fiction work. It can be a scene of a (un)published book you've written. It's something that you want your readers to get hooked onto.

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